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Workshop for doulas teaching rituals to do with families to honor the Sacred Tree of Life plus learning various ways to utilize the placenta in medicinal ways featuring Miri Metztlixochitl, Midwife & Ancestral Healer from Mexico.

Some of what you'll learn:
What do you know about your placenta?
Where is your placenta?
Did you know your placenta represents your tree of life?
All human being must to know our origin! Come and be aware of the unknown world of our roots. In order for to baby live, placenta dies. She offers her life with devotion to nourish a baby, once the baby is here, the placenta still sending all the love-blood to the baby and slowly placenta dies. It is the first connection with death, and it is time to honor this sacred transformation.
In ancient traditions and nowadays we need to honor the life-death-life as the cycle of life.

Miri Metztlixóchitl, who learned from different grandmothers this beautiful placenta ceremony is going to share in this amazing workshop, how to performed a sacred honored ceremony to be grateful for the creation of the tree of life for a new human being, showing how to do this important connection with the baby and his placenta, the parents, and the family around. This is the birthday- welcoming celebration to aware and honor the linage.
We will explore the physical placenta, but also to see, observe and read the placenta in order to understand a little bit more the mystery of creation.
Who is it for?
EVERYONE! Men, women, all genders are welcome to reconnect with the source of life, all those who want to go deeply to the sacred origin. Therapists, psychologists, nurses, doctors, midwifes, doulas, lactation consultants, especially placenta encapsulators.
Miri's main teacher Alison Bastien asked her lovingly to do not just encapsulate this sacred organ, firstly we need to grounded honoring life in this ceremony and then ask the couple what do they want to do with it? Burying it and planting a tree is the most traditional thing, since the baby will have its own tree of life that will accompany it to grow during its life and be able to return to its sacred refuge. In this unique workshop you will learn:

Placenta ceremony
Spiritual anatomy and physiology
Discover the placenta
The tree of life
Printing the tree of life
Placenta Reading
Lotus birth, home birth, hospital birth
How to know
This training includes a Zoom component that will demonstrate putting the placenta into pills.

Placenta Reading & Preparation Training

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