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This is an amazing opportunity to learn from celebrated Mexican healer, traditional doctor and midwife, Miri Metztlixochitl, and become an authenticated practitioner.

Expand the borders of your business by adding the Closing of the Bones Ceremony to your offerings as a birth professional. By participating in this training, you will be versed in the Ancient wisdom and Learn the “Closing of the Bones” from traditional doctor/ midwife Miri.

This is a rare US appearance for Miri to fully Authenticate our birth-keepers.

Closing of the Bones is an ancestral Latin American technique with which you will learn to perform movements with your hands that connect with the Rebozo, which is the main tool we use to provide a deep level of relaxation in the body of the person who receives the technique. By the means of stretching, movements, grips, squeezes, closure and additional techniques that generate the activation of the pineal and pituitary gland, releasing and relaxing the body, and allowing the internal organs to accommodate in their proper posture, aligning the spine, and closing the pelvis, achieving a significant adjustment for those receiving the massage.

Rebozo massage is a relaxing and therapeutic, adjusting the bones, muscles, tendons and joints, improving flexibility and at the same time relieving aches and freeing tension. It’s a traditional Mexican technique considered an ancestral royal that works at an energetic, physical and psycho-emotional levels. It is done with 5 or 6 rebozos to mobilize the joints and muscles of the upper and lower limbs. Additionally, also giving movement to accumulated energy and emotions. That said, this massage gives a structural, emotional and energetic adjustment. The massage and the closing of the bones is applied for the healing and the physical and energetic closure of stages in life. It is also used to support and contain in case of: depression, “susto,” closure of cycles, back pain, urinary incontinence, sexual impotence, excellent after a separation, divorce, bereavement, physical or material losses, hormonal or circulatory disorders, eliminate toxins from the body, cleanse old energies or closure for a romantic relationship, to relax body and mind, for every man or woman who needs containment and physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pampering.

In women, it helps to get pregnant, in cases of infertility, painful or irregular menstruations, accommodates the womb and bladder, irregularities and menstrual and hormonal disorders, relieves colic, is excellent after an abortion, postpartum or puerperium or after a cesarean birth. Or simply to spoil someone.
Who is Closing of the Bones for?
Men and women, therapists, chiropractors, masseurs, doulas, midwives and anyone interested in supporting others through this technique.

At the end of the workshop you will have received the complete technique to be able to give the massage to anyone who needs it.
Traditional uses
Ceremonial uses
Manteada technique for pregnancy and childbirth
Full body Rebozo massage and adjustment of joints
Closing of the hips and of the physical and energetic body
Herbal bath theory
Herbalism and basic aromatherapy
Additional tools including Tibetan sound boys, aromatherapy, incense and rituals for harmony
Body awareness and self care principles to give the massage
What will you need?
Physical strength
Comfortable clothes
3 Rebozos per person (there will be some for sale)
Back brace or girdle to protect your back
1 elastic bandage 30 cm (12 inches)
Personal water bottle to keep hydrated
Yoga mat and/or blanket
Piece of wood or PVC thickness of a broomstick, length 30-40cm (12-16") - not any longer or thicker)

Herbal Bath, yoni steam and closing
of the bones Training

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