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Come join us in a circle of women at this special workshop to connect in an intimate way with your yoni. This is a sacred gathering to release any trauma, sex abuse, traumatic birth experience, infertility or anything related of being women, having vulva, vagina or hormonal issues or even if you’re healthy and you want to prevent disharmony. Learn techniques that bring blood flow, clear obstructions and restrictions and heal.
Welcome women 18 years and + to discover beautiful ways from Mexican traditional medicine, we will do powerful practices to connect with your sacred yoni like yoni steam, obsidian yoni egg, connection with your pelvic floor and the beauty of the herbal baths.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to heal yourself through de ancestral medicine making and practicing a deep connection with your power of life: first and second chakras, the place of sexual energies and the creation.

Yoni Care, Mayan Womb Massage & Ceremonial Herbal Baths

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